Neurotic Philadelphia homicide detective Benny Steel lives in his comfort zone—ordinary, routine, cynical, and lonely. He expects the upcoming Fourth of July weekend will be no different, but then he is assigned a critical drug-related case—a murder in Old City Philadelphia with no evidence and a rival drug dealer as a suspect. Steel must tread softly to avoid the very real possibility of igniting retaliation between the two rival drug dealers and their associates. Meanwhile, an unrelated crime wave is ripping through the city and forcing him to solve this murder case quickly to quiet public outcry. But he is not alone in his efforts, as he is paired up with a new detective in training, Marisa Tulli, of whom he becomes quite fond. This case presses Steel into a search for a killer whose identity will shock him and thrusts him into a personal quest that will cause him to realize just how precious life and love are...



It’s Christmastime, but with no joy and festive spirit to be found in his soul, Philadelphia homicide detective Benny Steel steps into a case from hell. With his fellow detective and lover, Marisa Tulli, by his side, he goes on a hunt for the killer of a young attorney in prestigious Rittenhouse Square and soon learns that the killer has an agenda, with a motive that is unclear to law enforcement, leaving him wondering. A calculated string of events is unraveling, and he has few leads to go on. 

Steel is forced to stare into the face of evil—an evil that cuts through his soul, tests his faith in the goodness of humanity, and has him questioning and searching for the very meaning of life. But time is running out, and this case is ready to explode. He must stop this killer before it's too late—before the lives of many are drastically altered forever…







Bad press for a good detective triggers city-wide protests in Philadelphia causing push-out from the police department, prompting a resignation from Benjamin Steel. And for what—he was doing his job, following procedure, and ends up on the wrong end of public opinion for the shooting death of the suspect in his previous case. Good at what he does, a hell of a detective, Steel doesn’t lose faith in the midst of all the media negativity. He chooses a new course and takes his new fiancée and former police partner, Marisa Tulli, with him. Setting up shop in South Philly, Tulli and Steel solve cases the old fashioned way, as private investigators. Much to the chagrin of the Philadelphia Police Department, they take on a cold case and find themselves in a web of family betrayal and lies. Steel quickly learns that his new private eye career will need all of his heart, skill, and determination to go it alone, without the backing or resources of the PPD. His search for answers ripples his emotions and darkens his soul. He questions whether his efforts are worth seeking answers, as guilt consumes his mind and body for unraveling the web, which unfolds throughout the city and erupts on Halloween night… 






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